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  • Test Result for RFS 47006 on 05-16-12
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Preparation: Because this error is generated unexpectedly in practice, we will have to artificially create this error during testing. To prepare for testing, developers will need to manually modify EasyFormDAO source codes to make it return a fake Natural 3145 error which is record on hold.

I made the changes, built and deploy the PAWS EAR to local  server for the following testing.

1. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd38

2. Create a TRMN form with psu id 9-2441-5651.

3. Choose Voluntary Termination.

4. On Termination Form, choose a future termination date  05/31/2012 and termination reason Other.

5. Click on Submit.

6. Received an error message:

There are errors on this form. Please review and correct:

    Form could not be submitted - system was busy in issuing a form number. Please try to submit the form again.

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