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Preparation: Because in current test environment it is hard to find test records for terminating a position that has not yet begun or has already ended, we will have to artificially create this error during testing. To prepare for testing, developers will need to manually modify PositionService source codes to make it to return a fake error "0001 - POSITION NOT VALID FOR CURRENT DATE". Once the code changes are done, build and deploy the PAWS EAR to local or test server for the following testing.

1. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd38

2. Create a TRMN form with psu id 9-2441-5651.

3. Choose Voluntary Termination.

4. Click on Continue.

6. An error message should be displayed on the error message area on the top of the form. It should read as:

There are errors on this form. Please review and correct:

    You are trying to terminate the position 00258000-028 that has not yet begun or has already ended. Please contact the OHR Central Desk for guidance.

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