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Preparation: Because in current test environment it is hard to find test an IBIS record with a position that has a split HR Rep number as 000, we will have to artificially create the  scenario during testing. To prepare for testing, developers will need to manually modify PositionDAO source codes to make the getPositionData function to replace a non-home split HR Rep number with "000" for a selected PSU Id  (e.g. 906929652), and modify the TrmnBpmDAO source codes to debug-print the parameter values sent to the webMethods engine.   Once the code changes are done, build and deploy the PAWS EAR to local or test server for the following testing.

1. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd54

2. Create a TRMN form with psu id 9-0692-9652.

3. Choose Voluntary Termination.

4. Click on Continue.

6. On the TRMN form content page, verify that the position table shows non-home HR Reps as "000".

7. Enter a future termination date 06/30/2012 and termination reason Other.

8. Click on Submit.

9. Check the debug printout to verify the 000 HR Rep numbers have been replaced by the home HR Rep number 020.

10. Verify tosd57 is on the next approver list

9. Log out user tosd38 and login as tosd17.

10. Find and open the TRMN form just submitted.

11. Verify the Submit button is displayed and enabled on the form.

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