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1, Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd13.

2. Create a TRMN form for psu ID 9-2468-6726, Type - Voluntary,  Reason - Other and termination date 09/01/12. Record the form number.

3. Approve the form all the way to the end of the approval path. Confirm the form is now in Processed status.

4. Submit a RFS to BSD to request for manually deleting the associated access account Id WFZ206 from IBIS for  psu ID 9-2468-6726

5. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd13. Find and open the form for the form created in Step 2.  Confirm no error is thrown.

6. Log into PAWS/WF as user tosd13. Find and open the form #163208  Confirm no error is thrown.

Note: Since the psuid is on a fixed term appointment, a reappointment will need to be done July 1st by an IBIS developer.  Then another termination form will have to be processed.  Use case 65 starting over with step 1.  Thus, a new form number will have to replace the current one "163208".

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