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  • Test Case for RFS 45376
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Preparation: Because this error is generated unexpectedly in practice, we will have to artificially create this error during testing. To prepare for testing, developers will need to manually modify startWFROLEFinancialProcess source codes to make it always return an invalid date exception. Once the code changes are done, build and deploy the PAWS EAR to local or test server for the following testing.

1. Log into WebRAT as a role assigner for Financial Officer in Admin Area of 004.

2. Assign tosd62 the Financial Officer role in Admin Area of 004, with the following role assignment details.

Mnemonics     Budget     Fund Type     Fund Category     Form Category     Form Sub Category     Form Name     Dollar
NCRD              ALL        GENL             GENL                   ACA                   ACAMISC                    ALL              $NoLimit

3. The Role Assignment should be in mode.

4. Log into PAWS Logs as a Workflow administrator.

5. Go to PAWS Logs Browser.

6. Search in PAWS logs for error "Invalid webRAT role assignment data.". Verify the log entry contains the role assignment data.

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