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WikiSpaces was upgraded to Confluence version 5.4.1 on January 5th, 2014. For a list of new features and fixes, go to the following URL:

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WikiSpaces is a service provided by Information Technology Services (ITS). It is intended to support Penn State-associated collaboration and is limited to that purpose. Spaces must be created and sponsored by Penn State faculty or staff. The sponsor may authorize access to a space for collaborators other than Penn State faculty and staff based on individual user IDs or LDAP groups when appropriate for the purpose of that space. Anonymous read access can be allowed, but anonymous editing is disallowed. Penn State policy AD-20 - Computer and Network Security and all associated Penn State policies apply.

In order to maximize opportunities for collaboration, WikiSpaces supports authentication via InCommon federation and OpenID. To support the option for anonymous reading, authentication is not forced at entry. You must click the login button to authenticate and make changes. To learn more about the login process, go here for a tutorial.

All content is backed up nightly using the ITS Distributed Backup Service (TSM).

If you are new to Confluence, go here for usage tips.

If you would like to share ideas for enhancements to this service, please send email

If you experience any problems, please send an e-mail tohelpdesk@psu.eduor visit

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